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  1. Your Guide to Paper Bags for Kindergartens and Day Care Centres

    Hello all teachers and carers at kindergartens and day care centres!
    Are you looking for economic wholesale paper bags for your child care centre?
    Zip through our summary of paper bags that can really help you!

    Paper Bags = Good Choice?

    Lets look quickly at the practical aspects of the paper bag.
    It's the smart and simple way to bundle up your bits and pieces for a number of rock solid reasons.
    Paper bags are:

    • Simple, clean and neat, with beautiful lines and quality paper, you can always rely on our kraft paper bags to look great in whatever setting.

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  2. Wholesale Bags for the New Year!

    Wholesale Bags for the New Year!

    Happy New Year!


    The Christmas storm is over….and now you’re surging ahead into sunny 2019!

    What does your 2019 packaging plan look like?

    Maybe it’s time to freshen up your shop with a new style of wholesale paper bags? Or maybe it’s time to step out with sumptuous wrapping paper to flaunt your wares.

    (Don’t forget, for orders over 3000 bags, you can invest in affordable advertising by printing your logo on your bags! It’s brilliant…and it pays off. Just ask and we’ll give you a quote! It's a great way to revamp stale packaging or to enhance what already working.)

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  3. Brown Paper Bags for Christmas

    Brown Paper Bags for Christmas

    You stocked up on brown paper bags as your Christmas packaging. Good choice!

    Here's why...

    A brown paper bag with handles of string is one of everybody's favourite things! They are currently the most popular kind of bag on the market for a number of reasons:

    1. As environmental awareness steps up, people choose to support sustainability. For the masses, even something that looks sustainable is preferred above something that doesn't. A brown kraft paper bag not only looks the part, it is the part! Plus, people love a value added purchase especially at Christmas when every one is looking for gift ideas. They reuse and decorate paper bags for gifts. You

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  4. Paper Bags for your Christmas Party

    Paper Bags for your Christmas Party

    Ok. Packaging for your Company Christmas party. You’re the one who has to find the bags.

    Yes, those ones you fill with gifts and goodies for the guests to take home. Interesting job! mmmmmm

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  5. Paper Bags for Heath Food Stores

    Paper Bags for Health Food Stores

    Health food shops often choose brown paper bags as their number one packaging option.

    Ok. Why? Because paper is organic, sustainable and really looks the part.

    Natural foods and healthy living is becoming more important to everyone. Fresh local produce, vitamins, minerals, snacks and sustainable staples are better for us. And they’re yummy! By shopping in a health foodstore, consumers feel they’re doing their bodies good and supporting a responsible industry. Paper bags are central to representing a wholefood shop’s vision as they are a statem

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  6. Paper Bags and Plastic Bags for Your Day Spa

    Want some really quick tips on bags for day spas?

    Very likely this bag hunt has sent you ploughing through the numerous options!

    Or are you sure of what you need for your spa retreat?

    Well, in a matter of minutes you can skim through this list of suggestions and get some ideas to zone in on your ideal bag.

    Here we go.

    Day Spa Paper Bags

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  7. Paper Bags for Pharmacy Prescriptions and Pharmaceuticals

    Bag Mart paper bags with no handles are ideal for pharmacy use, keeping customer prescriptions, shop items and pharmaceuticals safe and sound every time.

    Flat bottom bags with no handles are perfect for smaller items, where the top part of the bag can be folded over to create a multi-layered handle. This is easy to hold and give each customer confidence after making a purchase or picking up their prescription. White or Brown Kraft bags, plus a great selection of bright coloured small bags can be chosen to match your shop colours or logo.

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  8. New Web Site for Bag Mart Australia

    We are pleased to welcome you to our new website store, featuring a faster and easier system for use on desktop through to mobile devices.

    All the same high quality paper bags and plastic bags remain at our low competitive wholesale prices, with some new products too. Added to the collection are the spotty bags and the forest range. The spotty range are quality paper bags with handles, featuring the regular strong brown Kraft paper bags with twist handles, and a red, black or white exterior print to reveal brown Kraft spots. These are sure to impress your customers and stand out. The Forest range are a subtle collection of red, black and green spruce shaped prints patterned onto our regular and strong white Kraft bags with brown twist handles, a balanced choice for the environmentally sensitive needing bulk paper bags.

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  9. Paper Bags for Homeware Stores

    Homeware stores provide the unique service of helping make a house a home - a pleasant place to be.

    They provide things that make life easier and a way for people to express themselves.

    What a grand thing to do!

    People create comfort and beauty through their choice of interior decor and conveniences. The customer wants to create great experience whenever they walk in through their front door, and be at home. And to make your store feel homey and a wonderful place to be, paying attention to your customer service is important.

    Packaging is a big part of customer service as homeware stores well know! Not only is

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  10. The Plastic Bag Ban

    Currently, Australia is in the middle of banning lightweight plastic bags from it’s states. Perhaps it’s time to rethink your packaging strategy. Lightweight plastic bags have been banned in most Australian states. Since 1977, singlet plastic bags with handles, 35 microns or less in thickness, made of high density or low density plastic, were offered by supermarkets, the type that sometimes breaks halfway to your car! Businesses are prohibited from providing them directly to customers as carry packaging for bought goods. In 2011, the Australian Capital Territory was the first state to ban this kind of bag. Northern Territory, South Australia and Tasmania came next and recently Western Australia and Queensland banned them also. Victoria has announced its intention to ban and NSW will likely follow suit. That’s a list of every state in the country! We should be aware of the harmful effects of single-use plastic bags. Many thin filmy bags massively contribute to landfills, float in

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